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Mike Venneri


Mike Venneri
My name is Mike Venneri and I have been in Sales for over 40 years, starting back when I was very young selling cars for General Motors. I started as a salesperson and quickly worked my way up to management, and further to upper management. Many of my present and previous clients have all been my ambassadors and have referred me many family and friends and continue to do so. Please allow me to include you in my list of many happy clients and prove to you that I am worthy of your business and referrals to your family and friends. I welcome any and all questions, and hope to hear from you soon! I enjoy the interaction with people from all walks of life, and truly enjoy a diverse culture influence. I speak and understand many languages, and am very proud to be of Italian heritage. I will do my best at all times to be understanding of differences in cultures and languages, and drive for excellence in what ever I have undertaken. I specialize in residential and commercial / industrial properties, land sales, leasing and investments. I ensure that I am always up to date on real estate news, providing each client with knowledge on property values and on market trends. Having lived in Woodbridge since 2000, I specialize in the Vaughan area, while also servicing Toronto and its surrounding communities.


  • Commercial
  • Investment
  • Land
  • Industrial
  • Residential Leasing
  • Residential


  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
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